Introducing SIGNAL Lab

01 July 2020

Now that I’m officially activated as CSU faculty, it gives me great pleasure to be able to announce my new lab, the Situated Grounding and Natural Language Lab! We tackle questions of language understanding through situatedness and embodiment using machine learning, simulation, and symbolic methods. The lab’s website can be found at, and updates will be posted both there and here.

We do a lot of work in intelligent agents (including robotics), language and vision, referring expressions, object and event semantics, low-resource machine learning, and more. Our approach pulls from a number of fields including linguitics, cognitive science, philosophy, and psychology, as well as applied disciplines like graphics and software engineering. If you are a current or aspiring CSU student interested in any of the following questions:

  • How can we develop smooth peer-to-peer communication between humans and computers?
  • How do the ways humans interact with the world shape how we communicate about it?
  • How can multimodality improve sample efficiency in machine learning?
  • What are the structural and analytic units of contextual models?
  • How can computational image processing and computational language processing best work together?
  • How do symbols and distributional representations work together in both computational and human reasoning?

… then feel free to get in touch! Students of all levels are welcome, and women and underrepresented minorities are particularly encouraged to get involved.