In the media about ChatGPT

25 February 2023

One thing about being the only faculty member at a big university doing research on a particular topic is that if your topic becomes hot, everyone wants to talk to you about it.

With the sudden rise of ChatGPT in the public awareness, I’m finding myself in demand to talk about it. I was a panelist at the Provost’s Ethics Colloquium on the impact of ChatGPT on February 16 (didn’t post about it immediately because it fell in the middle of Hex’s sudden cancer diagnosis). It was an incisive and enjoyable 2-hour discussion about the technology and its impact on academics and society. The video of the event can be found here.

Then, CSU’s student channel CTV Channel 11 ambushed me after class last week to interview about ChatGPT. Lucky I’d already practiced my talking points at the Ethics Colloquium! That story can be viewed here (starts around minute 13). The student perspective is interesting (I think I said that I hope AI makes the world a more “equal” place, not necessarily “efficient,” as the student anchor says). Let’s not buy the ChatGPT hype, folks! Universities are here to turn out free and critical thinkers, not just effective users of AI tools.

More soon.